How wallpaper works

Hanging wallpaper can dramatically change the look of your home, and it's a great DIY home-improvement project. Below we have some of the most frequently asked questions, to help you understand how wallpaper works!

How many rolls will I need?
First you will need the measurements of your wall – height and width.

As a standard, most rolls are 52cm wide and 10 meters long. With a standard ceiling height (eg. 2.5m - 2.8m) you will always get 3 drops in a roll as we are divide the ceiling height into the 10 lineal metres (as we don’t want a horizontal join!) This includes a pattern repeat of up to 64cm. 

So using this method take the width of the wall and divide by 1.5 metres. This will be the case 99% of the time. 

Therefore we know 1 roll = 1.5m wide, 2 rolls = 3m wide, 3 rolls = 4.5m wide and so on!

For tricker measurements or further assistance we recommend speaking to one of our staff, you can contact our Online Team at or speak to you local showroom here.

Do I need a professional installer?
Our wallpapers are now either Paste the Wall application or Paste the Paper, both application methods need wallpaper adhesive but are much more DIY friendly! So no more dunking pre-pasted strips in the bath! If you are not comfortable hanging the wallpaper yourself we do provide a list of recommended installers upon purchase to our customers. 

Can I get a sample?
Samples are available for most, but not all of the items shown on our website. If you place a sample order you will not be charged for any that cannot be supplied. Samples come approximately A4 in size to give you an idea of the texture and colour of the wallpaper. If you want to see the full pattern repeat and greater than the size of a sample you can order a full roll.

What surfaces can’t we wallpaper onto?
You can wallpaper onto any smooth surface! You can’t wallpaper onto any textured surface – you need the smoothness for the suction of the paper. 

What tools do I need for installation?
Stanley knife 
Sharp scissors
Spirit Level
Tape Measure
Kitchen whisk for mixing glue

How do I remove old wallpaper from the wall?
Try using hot water and dishwashing liquid. If this does not work hire a steamer to get the paper off – this is a messy task though!

Can I wallpaper onto Suede effect, Glass Laminate, Wood, Steel, Gyprock, Tiles?
For Glass, Laminate, Steel, Gyrock and Tiles use ESP (Easy surface primer). Suede effect walls have to be sanded back with a mechanical sander, remove all dust (by vacuuming walls or using a tack cloth) then use a water based sealer before applying wallpaper.