Feels Like Home Mural


SKU: 1047661

Special Order

Height: 65cm
Width: 15cm
Length: 15cm

Feels Like Home is a native floral painted wallpaper design that is all about the rich hues found in our Australian bushland. Rich browns and rusts depict the soil and the muted earthy greens add the softness to the foliage. The sweet delicate pinks of the blossoms add a real freshness and contrast to the darker background. The loose fluid drip of the background gives the painting style its abstract nature but then the more textured heavier paint brush strokes featured in the flora give it structure and form, giving off a wonderful sense of calm that truly Feels Like Home.

Mural size: 3.3m high x 1.845m wide 
Designed as panels that are 330cm high x 61.5cm wide. Each roll comes with 3 panels. 

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